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Glass Buildings

Unigaea, a subsidiary of SDS Engineering, strives to transform the way connectivity in the Middle East works. Unigaea is building a state of the art network that will cross borders and provide new an improved infrastructure, connecting all the major hubs in the region.

Unigaea understands business connectivity requirements and will provide high performance, high bandwidth solutions, to enable customer’s success.

Empowering Connectivity

Our Services
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Products & Services

High Bandwidth Network

Wavelength services enable high bandwidth gigabit ethernet network connections to be deployed quickly and easily over Unigaea Networks

Data Centers

Unigaea On Demand data center interconnect service makes it fast and easy to connect the data centers that host your IT services, at SDS different locations.



Cost effective, secure and easy to manage Ethernet connection between two locations

Private Ethernet

A layer 2 point-to-point over both fiber and equipment dedicated to a single customer. extend maximum security. the fiber path that their Private Ethernet network is routed over, giving maximum flexibility.

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